According to the latest classification, Kurds
now belong to a species of bird
which is why, across the torn, yellowing pages
of history, they are nomads spotted by their caravans.
Yes, Kurds are birds! And even when
there's nowhere left, no refuge for their pain,
they turn to the illusion of travelling
between the warm and the cold climes
of their homeland. So naturally,
I don't think it strange that Kurds can fly.
They go from country to country
and still never realise their dreams of settling,
of forming a colony. They build no nests
and not even on their final landing
do they visit Mewlana to enquire of his health,
or bow down to the dust in the gentle wind, like Nali.*

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Zahid Hasan Mahmood

In film there is established genre called : Neorealism.
I have not seen any genre in poetry so far.
Birds composed by Kajal just reflects the traits of neorealism.
I am not so confident in translatiaon. I could only transliterate this poetry from English to my mother tounge Bangla (popularly known as Bengali).
It would be nice if I could any anthology of the Poet.
Could anyone help me to find out the details of the publishers so that I could go to buy the anthology?
Can I have the email id of the Poet ?
With all the best wishes of this site organizers.
Warm wishes to the Poet.

Md. Safiul Azam (Mahfuz)

It’s a poem about the very existence of the people of Kurds. The poem perfectly reveals their own characteristics. I liked it very much. Thank you Kajal for such a different poem. Credit goes to translator as well as the people involved with this site. I will try to translate it in my own language Bangla.
Enjoy the life.

hameed anjum

A nice poem very good


I love this poem very much, kajal writes so passionate in this poem how the kurds are like birds so strong and free they dont make nest they travel because they are fighters

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